Update Your Will Week 2024: FAQs About Wills  


Update Your Will Week 2024: FAQs About Wills  

This week is Update Your Will Week (4–10 March), an annual campaign hosted by the Association of Lifetime Lawyers (previously known as Solicitors for the Elderly).  

The annual event aims to raise awareness around the risks of not having an up-to-date Will and encourages people to update their Will to ensure their wishes are carried out when
they die. 

We are proud to have solicitors at Bookers & Bolton who are members of the Association of Lifetime Lawyers, who give specialist, tailored support and advice with extra care, empathy, and attention.  

To show our support for Update Your Will Week, our specialist Wills solicitors answer some frequently asked questions about Wills. 

What is a Will? 

A Will is a written legal document that sets out what you want to happen to your assets, such as money, property and other possessions, when you die. 

Making a Will ensures: 

  • You choose your beneficiaries. Setting out your intentions in a Will means you can decide who gets what and how much. 
  • You can make arrangements for any children. You can state who you want to appoint as guardians for any children. If you die without a Will, the courts will decide. 
  • Your heirs can access your assets quicker and more easily.  
  • You can plan to mitigate inheritance tax and other taxes on your estate. 

Dying without a Will means you die ‘intestate’, which can cause problems for your loved ones and mean your assets don’t pass to the people you want to benefit from them. 

Do I need a solicitor to write a Will? 

While you may be tempted to use cheap, unregulated online services, or create a DIY one at home, a Will is an important document and should be prepared by a specialist.  

Without the advice of a regulated specialist, a homemade Will can easily fall foul of complex legal and tax rules, creating unexpected problems and, in some cases, severe consequences. 

There are various benefits to having an experienced solicitor help write or update your Will, including: 

  • It ensures a Will is drafted correctly. A solicitor with experience in Will writing can ensure that it is valid, accurately reflects your wishes, and is not left open to misinterpretation or challenges later on. 
  • Guarantees nothing is missed. A Will is not one-size-fits-all and must be tailored to suit an individual’s circumstances, assets and needs. 
  • Reduces the likelihood of future claims. The Courts hear many cases relating to Wills that have been drafted without the help of a legal professional being contested after the testator’s death. 
  • Provides better protection. Solicitors are regulated and have the qualifications and training required to accurately draft a valid Will. Regulated professionals have professional indemnity insurance, which provides an extra layer of protection in case of any errors or negligence. 
  • Can be part of wider estate planning. A solicitor can advise on any other steps you need to take to protect yourself, your family and your assets. 

Why is it important to have an up-to-date Will? 

Having an up-to-date, valid Will is crucial to ensure your wishes are carried out how you’d like when you die.  

Knowing that you’ve chosen what you want to happen can also help ease distress for loved ones left behind and minimise potential disputes. 

If you die without a Will, any assets that belonged to you must be distributed according to the strict rules of intestacy – which may not be how you expect or would want your estate to be shared. 

It’s never too early to make your Will, as long as you’re over 18 years old. 

When do I need to update my Will? 

We recommend that you review your Will every five years or so to check that it accurately reflects your current situation and wishes.  

A significant life event that affects you or your loved ones, like getting married, divorced, a birth or a death, can mean many people need to make changes to the contents of a Will or even impact its validity. 

What should I do if I want to make changes to an existing Will or make a new one? 

If you need to write or update your Will, please get in touch with Bookers & Bolton by calling 01420 558 335, emailing enquiries@bookersandbolton.co.uk or filling in an online enquiry form  

Will Writing Solicitors Near Me 

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you need and provides valuable peace of mind and security for you and your family. 

You are never too young to make a Will. Everyone over the age of 18 can – and should – make one.  

At Bookers & Bolton Solicitors, our experienced Will-writing solicitors are here to make writing your Will as stress free as possible. 

From our offices in Alton, Hampshire, our friendly and approachable solicitors assist clients in the local area with their Will-writing needs.   

If you are too busy to come to the office, we can do your Will remotely, working with you via video call and using our electronic ID system. 

Whether you require a solicitor to help you write your Will, want specialist advice on how to contest the terms of a Will, need help with the administration of a Will, or require wider inheritance tax and estate planning advice, our lawyers can assist with all of your needs. 

For more information about our Will writing services, click here.