Teddy - Security – Food Division


Head of Security – Food Division

Sadly Teddy passed away on 30 December 2018.  He was such a character that we wanted to keep him on our page.  He is very much missed.

Tell us about yourself

I am a Lancashire Heeler which is a cross between a Manchester Terrier and a Corgi.  The breed was developed to create a more versatile cattle herder than a Corgi.  We can also catch rats and other pests you don’t want to have on your farm.  We are very good at herding and can be quite noisy.  We are friendly despite the barking – it is our way of saying hello.

Role Within the Firm

Head of Security – Food Division.  Some might say I am a little food obsessed which makes me ideal for this job.  I can tell you whenever food enters or leaves the building.  I can also remember everyone who might have given me food, even if it was just once a long time ago. This is a unique skill and one I am very proud of.  I even like going to the Vets because they give me a biscuit when I have finished. I am stationed in Paula’s office in a special area where I can bark but can’t run out.  You can meet me if you want to especially if you have any food that needs securing.


Eating, going for long walks and barking at birds, people and hoovers.


Cats who come in to our garden. When the sausages run out.


Paula & Gideon