Stamp Duty Calculator and Instant Quote for Conveyancing


Stamp Duty Calculator and Instant Quote for Conveyancing

Trying to figure out Stamp Duty, search fee and legal fee costs can be a mathematical nightmare!  We have worked with Brighter Law to develop an INSTANT online quotation service that not only gives you our conveyancing fees but also calculates Stamp Duty and search costs for you.

At Bookers & Bolton Solicitors we believe that you should know what you are likely to pay before you start your conveyancing and, unless anything drastic happens, that is the final bill you should get.  We work hard to be transparent in our costs and we never cut back on quality.

Don’t be fooled by low cost – especially when dealing with something so valuable.

Why Use Us?

  • Experienced and qualified legal experts to work on your matter.
  • A secretary for every lawyer who can help with your enquiries.
  • Reception staff that can accept documents or make appointments for you.
  • Membership of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. If you are buying with a mortgage you should note that not all lenders will allow you to be represented by a firm who don’t have this membership. It is a recognised mark of quality and service.
  • An electronic case management system that accurately records all time spent on your matter, ensuring we don’t lose anything in dusty old filing cabinets!
  • Interim billing that helps you spread the cost as you go meaning no nasty surprises at the end.
  • An excellent relationship with Estate Agents without paying referral fees. We believe your money should be spent on your matter – not on winning work.
  • A reputation for excellence and efficiency.
  • AAA rated insurance to cover you if something did go wrong.

Our Property Quotations Advisor, Louise Hill, is waiting to talk you through your quote.

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