Selling and Divorcing – what order should you do it?


Selling and Divorcing – what order should you do it?

When you are divorcing or separating and selling the family home – what order should you do it in?

As a family solicitor, I am often the last to arrive on the scene. Specialist family advice is often sought after the matrimonial home has already been put on the market. It is common to change your mind in these difficult situations and, if a sale has been agreed, this can cause extra stress, money and pressure. 

The most common issues when divorcing and selling are:

  • one spouse decides they want a formal agreement about the property to make it legally binding
  • they change their mind about selling  
  • there is disagreement about how to split the proceeds

Seeking family advice too late can cause delays in the sale.  You could lose the buyer which means wasted money on property fees. More worryingly, it can place you under undue pressure to make a decision which is not the right one for you. With the sale clock ticking it makes a difficult and emotional situation worse.

So what can we do to help?  If you are separated from your spouse or partner, then come to us for specialist family advice before you take any serious steps in selling your property. That way we can talk to you about your options, assist in reaching agreement, formalise the agreement and make it legally binding. It will close the door on future claims.  Let us give you peace of mind where you know exactly what will happen and what your share will be.  

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