National Conveyancing Week: Ten Tips for Buying a New Home


National Conveyancing Week: Ten Tips for Buying a New Home

This year’s National Conveyancing Week runs from 11–15 March. Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural event, NCW aims to inform, educate, assist, motivate, reassure, and help recruit new entrants to the industry.

It is hoped that improving the profile of conveyancers and conveyancing will ensure fees can be set at, and kept at, an acceptable level.

Bookers & Bolton is proud to support the initiative. This week we are marking NCW by publishing a series of conveyancing-related posts.

In this article, experienced conveyancer Dawn Booker gives her top ten tips for buying your new home.

  1. Visit the property at different times of the day and on different days of the week. This will ensure you are aware of the local area and any traffic or parking issues.
  2. Speak with local people and check out social media. Some neighbours set up groups to talk about the local area which can reveal really great advice and information.
  3. Do a thorough inspection when you view. Don’t be afraid to look in the back of cupboards, lift up any rugs for hidden damage, check out the garages.
  4. Have a second viewing, even if it is just to measure up. You will find things you did not notice on your first visit.
  5. If you are getting a mortgage, ensure your legal representation is on their panel. They not only act for you, but also for your lender. If they are not on the panel this could cause delays, or lead to you paying two separate legal fees.
  6. Check out your preferred solicitors’ reviews online.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  8. Get all electrics, heating, and private drainage checked. They can be very costly when things go wrong.
  9. Get a full survey. The lenders usually only do a valuation, which does not go into any detail.
  10. Let your legal adviser know about anything you are concerned about, any future plans you have for the property, anything you believe to be incorrect, or something you have negotiated with the buyer/estate agent. We can ensure it is put into any contract, so you are protected.

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