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Financial Agreements on Divorce and Separation

Agreeing about what happens to any assets, money, and, most importantly, decisions regarding your children can be one of the most stressful aspects of a relationship breakdown. Our family law team can guide you through the options available, working with you and your family to minimise conflict where possible.

The team of highly experienced family law solicitors at Bookers & Bolton are here to support you; we will do all we can to ensure that both parties reach an amicable resolution, guiding you through the process and your legal rights.

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Financial Settlement Agreements

Even if you feel that your separation is amicable, it is vital to ensure that financial matters are settled clearly. For a financial settlement to be effective in England and Wales, you must make it into a legally binding Court Order known as a Consent Order.

A binding court order that sets out what has been agreed with your former spouse can minimise future conflict or financial claims.

If you can reach an agreement with your former spouse regarding the division of your finances and liabilities, including other matters such as pensions and income, then each side can negotiate a settlement with the assistance of your solicitors and without the need to go to court.

Reaching an amicable decision this way can help minimise the legal fees and make the process a little less stressful for all involved. The court will check the agreement to ensure that it is reasonable and endorsed by them to make it a legally binding order.

Court Orders

It is not always possible to reach a mutual agreement through negotiation or mediation, especially if one or both sides of the party are uncooperative or unreasonable. When this happens, the court will need to be involved to achieve an agreement.

Courts will make a ruling on a settlement based on various factors, and you will have less control over the eventual terms of the settlement.

Divorce and Separation Financial Settlement Solicitors Alton and Hampshire

Communication between you and your ex-partner may be strained, and we understand that you will want help sorting out your finances and negotiating the terms of your divorce financial settlement. Our specialist financial settlement solicitors in Alton and Hampshire will be able to provide you with practical advice regarding all divorce financial settlement matters, consent orders, ancillary relief proceedings, financial orders, and clean break agreements.

At Bookers & Bolton, our family team has a reputation for offering a high-quality personal service that is tailored to meet your needs. We are a well-established firm proud to serve our local community and beyond.

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