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The solicitors at Bookers and Bolton handle cases where a shareholder dispute arises between individuals involved in owner-managed businesses. They understand that it can have an impact on the parties concerned with the business itself. Whether the dispute arises as a result of disagreement over the control or management of the company, from the money being unfairly paid out and distributed or from a breach of the shareholders’ agreement, our solicitors have a large wealth of experience that can help the clients we work with to settle the dispute.

How our Shareholder Dispute Specialists can help

The team of shareholder dispute specialists from across the contentious and non-contentious departments work together, ensuring that the approach to each dispute results in a favourable outcome for each of our clients. Our shareholder dispute specialists have a wealth of knowledge in the following areas:

  • The direction and strategy of the company — Occasions when shareholders disagree about the direction the company is taking.
  • Dividends — Disagreements over the frequency or amount of dividends taken out of the company by directors.
  • Shareholder salaries — When shareholders also work for the business as an employee, they may be entitled to a salary. Some shareholders may choose not to take a salary as well as dividends, whereas others may disagree.
  • Equal contributions and input — One or more shareholders may become disgruntled at what they perceive to be a comparable lack of input and contribution by another shareholder.
  • Conflicts of interest — If one shareholder is involved in another competing or related business, this may be considered a conflict of interest and tensions may rise as a result.
  • Buying out or dismissing a shareholder — The cost of buying out a shareholder can be high, and disagreements can easily occur over this.
Our Expertise

The shareholder disputes at Bookers and Bolton understand that shareholders have a number of statutory and contractual rights. Our solicitors also investigate if the dispute can be resolved by asserting any of these rights, taking into consideration these rights to determine whether there has been a breach by either party. Our solicitors look into the facts and circumstances behind your case and find a resolution.


We understand that minority shareholders have rights over the majority, and there are claims that they can make to pursue a derivative action. Our team can work on this and assist you regarding this and advise both minority and majority shareholders.

What our clients say about us

“Great service, as always. I’ve been working with bookers and Bolton for 20 years.” 

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