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Buying and Selling a Business

Regardless of whether you are looking into selling a small business, a family enterprise or a large company or would like to be given the relevant advice regarding selling a start-up, the professional and experienced solicitors at Bookers and Bolton will always provide you with the best legal advice which you require to ensure you maximise your return of the sale of your business, our solicitors are here to help you with any of your enquiries regarding buying and selling a business.

If you are in a position where you are buying an existing business, then a detailed investigation will be required surrounding the business you are taking over (Due Diligence). You will then become responsible for the existing customers of the business, and these elements will include contracts, equipment, premises and employees, so it is very important for you to take these matters into consideration with your solicitor before taking over the responsibility of the business. Your goal will be to make a profit, and that may prove difficult during the handover, so it is important to ensure that you reduce any risks to the business you are buying before you buy it.

If you are selling a business, this can also be a big decision, no matter how long you have owned it or how big it is. If you have built the business from the beginning and it has grown and developed since launch, as emotional as the situation may be, there inevitably comes the right time to sell the business. The buyers of your business will inevitably want to investigate the business, and we aim to guide you carefully through the process and ensure that the necessary information is provided to the buyer, and most importantly, your liability beyond the completion date is minimised as much as it possibly can be.

How can the solicitors at Bookers and Bolton Help?

From looking for your next corporate acquisition or disposing of your current business, we will offer you a personal, highly responsive, creative and fully integrated service.

Not only will we advise you during the transaction itself, but we will also discuss your priorities and help you to put together a strategy before any negotiations begin. The expertise from our solicitors does not simply end once the completion of your case, as we understand that your ability to maximise the value may depend on how matters will be dealt with in the months and years following the deal being made.

Our Expertise

The advice we provide to our clients is always tailored to the specialism required. Whether our solicitors are acting for an owner-managed business, investor, or entrepreneur, we will give you a commercial steer whenever it is required.

Our corporate solicitors lead the negotiations, and specialists from our Employment, Immigration, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Private Client practice areas work closely with the Corporate solicitors to ensure that all needs are met in the various cases handled.

What our clients say about us

“Great service, as always. I’ve been working with bookers and Bolton for 20 years.” 

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