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The corporate law team at Bookers and Bolton are hugely experienced in advising our clients in the various sectors of Corporate Law. Our solicitors act for business owners, lenders, investors and other entrepreneurs and more corporate clients on a grand variety of corporate legal matters.

How Our Corporate Law Specialists Can Help:

– If you are entering a joint venture

– If you are selling your business

– If your business is merging with another

– If you are ready to move forward in your establishment in any way


Our expert team will provide you with well-informed legal advice to guide you into achieving your goals and cost-effectively.

The corporate law team at Bookers and Bolton has in-depth knowledge and knowledge of all the ins and outs of corporate law, ranging from financing assets or debts to handling mergers and acquisitions or drafting shareholders’ agreements.


Our solicitors provide our clients with a focused service, ensuring they are on a “know-how” basis with their clients, being completely aware of their needs, business, and interests. Our solicitors do all they can to understand our client’s individual requirements; they look after their best interests and ensure that they provide the best possible legal advice on command.

Our Expertise

Our experienced team work very closely together to provide our clients with full service and high-quality support, which can allow our clients with corporate law enquiries to have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from knowledge acquired from the various members of the team at Bookers and Bolton.


The expert corporate solicitors advise clients on a range of corporate legal issues, including:


–     Debt Finance

–     Business Start-ups

–     Equity Funding

–     Shareholder agreements 

–     Joint Ventures

–     Business Acquisition


Our solicitors provide you with tailored advice to meet the needs of your individual requirements. The team of experienced Corporate Law solicitors will work closely with you to ensure we deliver first-class service with a personable approach.

Our Expertise

u003cpu003eOur commercial law solicitors do all we can to guide you through any issues you may face. We are a running business ourselves, and we completely understand and appreciate any commercial pressures and issues you may encounter. Our dedicated solicitors have built a reputable portfolio of the successful services that we have provided to our clients across Hampshire and the South. We are committed to building on that reputation.u003c/pu003en

What our clients say about us

“Great service, as always. I’ve been working with bookers and Bolton for 20 years.” 

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