Each year a significant number of people remarry. We are very experienced in proposing practical arrangements to deal with some of the complications that can arise. We are more than just  Hampshire divorce solicitors.

If you have or are about to remarry, there may be a number of practical issues you’ve already given some thought to, including how to:

  • balance the immediate needs and longer term interests of any children from your first marriage, any step-children and any children you and your new spouse may have
  • ensure the interests of your new spouse are protected if you die first
  • reflect all this in any Lasting Powers of Attorney or Wills you wish to draw up with your new spouse (Wills & remarriage)
  • ensure any existing family wealth or business interests are protected (trusts, tax & succession planning; pre-nuptial agreements)

Whilst each situation is different, we can draw on our considerable experience to recommend practical and proven approaches to reconcile the various issues you need to consider.

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