Helping Elderly Parents

Helping Elderly Parents

You may have elderly parents or other relatives who look to you for guidance and help as they become less able to manage their own affairs. We can put in place practical arrangements that help.

It is only natural that we all want to retain as much independence as possible for as long as possible. We are often asked by older people and their adult children to advise on the best ways to arrange things so that practical help can be given to an elderly parent whilst ensuring their interests are properly protected.

It is important to highlight that we always clearly separate the advice that we give to your parent from that we may give to you. This is because we must ensure that your parent reaches a decision about arrangements that they understand and are genuinely happy with. We must be satisfied there is no ‘undue influence’. Where someone is not able to make decisions for themselves, special arrangements apply (Court of Protection).

For obvious reasons, discussions about suitable arrangements can be sensitive. However, we are very experienced in helping families talk through such issues in an appropriate and practical manner. We can also advise on whether it is sensible to involve other family members – possibly to avoid future misunderstandings – and how best to go about this.

You might find it useful to go to looking after the affairs of others to find out more about the kinds of arrangements that can be put in place.

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