5 Tips For a Smoother Divorce


5 Tips For a Smoother Divorce

We know that getting a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional times for any person. Whilst it is impossible to make the divorce process painless, here are some tips to make the journey smoother:

 1.       Get Legal Advice

It is very important to get good legal advice. You can cause yourself a lot of anxiety by worrying about your unknown legal position.  More often than not there is nothing to worry about and after all, knowledge is power! Some people believe they understand the legal position by searching the internet and speaking with friends and families who have been divorced. You have to be careful that this information is correct and applies to your unique situation.

 2.       Compromise

When divorcing think – compromise. There are no winners or losers when it comes to divorcing, especially when looking at the family finances. Being inflexible is a guaranteed way to increase costs and cause hostility.  The key is to not let resentment or anger guide your decisions.  Seek help with the emotional impact from a qualified counsellor or talk it through with friends and family.  Then you will be better able to make sound decisions.  Lawyers make very expensive therapists and so it is best to focus on the facts when dealing with the legal side of your divorce.

 3.       Communication   

Communication with your solicitor is essential and where possible (and appropriate), communication with your ex is useful. It may be that some of your issues can be resolved without the need for solicitor involvement which can then reduce the legal cost. Just be sure to discuss any agreement reached with your solicitor so they can provide you with appropriate legal advice. Communication is essential when you have children. Whilst you and your ex are no longer together, you are  still parents and will need to talk to each other about your children and their future.

 4.       Mediation

Consider the benefits of mediation. The Court will expect mediation to have been attempted before it is involved in any financial or children proceedings. In addition, mediation is a less costly and more amicable way to resolve disputes. Better for you to have some say in how the finances will be divided, as opposed to a Judge deciding what happens.

5.       Children

When children are involved in divorce, it is important to shield them from any conflict. When deciding child contact arrangements the court bases its decision on the child’s welfare – this is the most important factor.

We hope this guide assists in helping you think about the way you should approach your divorce. If you require family legal advice, contact Bookers & Bolton on 01420 82881/88903 or email our Head of Family, Hannah Anderson at hannah.anderson@bookersandbolton.co.uk.