Debbie Swinton

Debbie Swinton


What do you offer the clients of Bookers & Bolton?

I have 13 years’ experience dealing with clients. It is my passion to be a “peoples person”.

Tell us about you.

Where did you grow up and what are your earliest memories?
I grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, as an Afrikaans farmgirl.

What was your first job?
Assistant at a bridal boutique

What is your favourite film or TV programme?
Any programmes about interior decorating.

Name something you love doing and why.
Recycling old furniture, painting and mosaic.

What do you dislike most?
Rude and dishonest people

What country would you most like to visit and why?
Europe, the whole of Europe! It’s been a dream of mine since my childhood.

What are your personal ambitions?
To grow old with dignity in beautiful Britain, with my husband.