Mental Health Awareness Week at Bookers & Bolton


Mental Health Awareness Week at Bookers & Bolton

It’s #mentalhealthawareness week, and at Bookers & Bolton Solicitors, we have two trained by Mind mental health first aiders in our business.  We know how vital it is to look after ourselves and our clients, as you only ever really use us when your life has some major events to deal with – moving house, losing a loved one or planning for death, divorce, selling a business and all of those other day-to-day big events. 

We look after you and your legal affairs, we make great empathetic lawyers and are here to listen to your needs.  We always advise you to seek professional counselling for the emotional side of your upheavals, whatever they are, or have family and friends on standby, as we are not therapists!

We know that these big life events can be very emotional, so we encourage you to have everything you might need to deal with the legal aspect ready before coming to see us.  Get your paperwork in order.  Have a written plan for what you want and share it with us in advance to help us to help you keep the emotions aside. The law is often very straightforward in how it deals with the finances in a divorce or the reading of a Will, but making the decisions that lead to those points can be difficult. 

If you are thinking of a huge emotional change that requires legal advice, take care of yourself.  Get the right advice from the right people, and use a quality law firm like Bookers & Bolton.  We are here to help you when it matters most.