Using Local Services Might Save Your Town


Using Local Services Might Save Your Town

Using Local Services Might Just Save Your Town and Be Your Best Value Option

We have been out on the streets of Alton asking residents their opinion of our town – what they love and what their fears are and discussing why we think using local services might just save your town. The High Street is often mentioned as a place people feel is struggling.  People talk of not liking empty shops, business rates being too high and parking prices putting shoppers off, as well as people saying they shop online because it’s cheaper and money is tight.

What about local businesses that offer services to the people of Alton?

Many service industry businesses fill our High Street offices and have been a reason to come to town for many years.  Local businesses, like Bookers & Bolton Solicitors, have been present on the High Street for decades.

Just like retail shops, we are also under threat from other businesses, particularly in Conveyancing.  The most common threats are:

  1. Solicitors from out of town that pay Estate Agents for the referral.
  2. A bolted on ‘free’ conveyancing service offered by developers as an incentive to buy new houses. These are often large companies that use call centre type operations where no one person will deal with your query and most of the legal work is done by a non-qualified person and just overseen by a lawyer.  They are the biggest cause of complaints when they are on the other side of one of our matters and we always hear that clients would never use them again.

None of these firms are based locally and many we find do not offer a good service – just when you need it most.

So why should you use local?

We employ 18 local people: your friends, neighbours, council tax payers, people who spend their salaries locally and help keep the High Street going because we are spending there EVERY DAY!

We have local knowledge: we know the town and the area you are buying or selling in.  We live here.  We have grown up here, raised families here.  We understand it!

We have great relationships with the best local agents.  Our preferred agents know we don’t pay referral fees because we trust in the quality of our work and so do they. Any referral fee is often added to YOUR bill and we would rather use your money to focus on your legal work.

You can come and see us: we are open from Monday to Friday, 9-5.15.  Jess is on reception to talk to you.  Our team offer home visits.  We are here and have been for over 100 years!

We have a local reputation to protect.  We are part of your community and we want to do the best for you, because you are our friends and neighbours!

We support the community.  We offer free surgeries, reduced rates for those on low incomes, use of our free spaces, sponsor local people, raise money for charities – we do all we can to make the community we live and work in a better place to be.

We offer Apprenticeships and have already helped Jack become a fully trained lawyer, with Kate not far from qualifying and now Matthew (the younger) joining this amazing scheme.  We are helping the Alton business owners of tomorrow by ensuring we train our youth today.

We understand what is going on in the town.  We know that new local developments are causing concern to residents.  We know that you care about the town and you ask if these large companies are even using local trades or suppliers or services.  If not, why not?  Housing developments should bring jobs as well as people.  We feel strongly about this too.

We try and use other local businesses for our services and review them and praise them publicly, ensuring we share the value they add to our community.  Preston Council in Lancashire has rebuilt their entire local economy with the mantra – buy local, use local – sourcing as much as it can from within the town.  We try and do the same.

We attend local networking groups, Resident Associations and other town meetings.  We want to support and network with other local businesses so that our town can grow and thrive.

We want Alton to succeed.  We are part of Alton.  We care about you and the job we do for you.  We care about our town.


We need our community to use local services – we rely on you and therefore the success of the town relies on you.

We want to give you the quality you deserve – use local and help us save our High Street!

Thank you for your continued support – we are proud to serve you.  

To find out about any of our services call us today on 01420 82881, email or pop in.  We are always pleased to see you!