The Quickie Divorce Myth


The Quickie Divorce Myth

With celebrity break-ups splashed across the paper, it would be easy to assume that celebrities have the option of a ‘quickie’ divorce and can be divorced by a Judge in a matter of just minutes. So why does it take everyone else months or even years to get divorced?

Well the truth is that celebrities have to go through the same process that everybody does, the media have just sensationalised the story. The Court Hearing, which the press often refer to, is to obtain the Decree Nisi. This is the first of TWO stages to obtain a divorce. The Judge pronounces the Decree Nisi along with many other divorcing couples and it simply means that the parties are entitled to divorce. The process to even get to the Decree Nisi stage would have taken months of preparation before the hearing took place.  

Once the Decree Nisi has been pronounced, at the very least 6 weeks and a day has to pass before the Decree Absolute can be applied for, the final stage when a divorce occurs. It is likely that months pass between the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute stages, because separating couples are likely to need to resolve issues over matrimonial finances or even child contact arrangements before they get divorced.  

Unfortunately getting divorced is not as quick as the media likes to portray it!

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