Nationwide Delays in Probate Applications and what to expect.


Nationwide Delays in Probate Applications and what to expect.

After introducing new forms and procedures to the probate applications process back in 2020, applying for probate has become increasingly difficult, with banks and financial institutions taking longer to respond and major post-covid delays. Currently, we are facing yet another challenge as we see the timescales of probate applications increase.

When logging into the Probate Registry Portal (HMCTS), we are now advised that the time taken to process probate applications has doubled.

Expected Timeframe

The timeframe of your probate application depends mainly on the estate in question. Estates are usually divided into two categories – simple and complex/taxable.

When dealing with a complex/taxable estate, a full inheritance tax return (IHT400) must be submitted to HMRC. Once done, you are required to wait 25 working days to enable HMRC to check the calculation before you can apply to Probate Registry.

Before these announced delays, it was possible to complete the probate process within 12 weeks (excluding the time taken to gather the information needed). However, now we are looking at up to 16 weeks! This delay means that probate applications for the taxable estate are now delayed by two months, prolonging the already long and complicated process for the named executor.

For simple and non-taxable estates, where there may only be one account/ bond/ investment/property, the recent delays also play a big part in the expected timeframe, as we are now looking at a timescale which doubles previous applications. Although we can cut out HMRC from the process, executors are now required to wait 16 weeks for their applications to be processed, which is a drastic change from the previous eight weeks.

How these changes affect you

Due to nationwide application delays, your probate application is expected to take twice as long as previous applications, which can be overwhelming and frustrating for you and your family.

Our solicitors at Bookers & Bolton pride themselves on their time-efficient and transparent service. They can communicate the expected timeframe of your probate application and relay any updates through our Bookers & Bolton app, ensuring that you are well informed on the progress of your case.

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