A guide for working from home


A guide for working from home

In 2019, 4.7% of people in employment reported working mainly at home. Due to the government guidance brought in as a result of coronavirus, this number rose to 43.1% in April 2020 (according to research by WISERD). Since then, employers in the UK and further afield have had to make some crucial decisions about how their employees will work, whether it be full time in the office, full time working at home, or the most common in 2022, hybrid working.

Before the pandemic, working from home was a rarity. However, according to the WISERD research, 19% of people want to work from home in 2022, while 85% want a hybrid approach. 16–24-year-olds favour working in the office full-time.

Working abroad since the pandemic

Paula Langley, our practice manager here at Bookers and Bolton Solicitors, is spending six weeks in Costa Rica, working full time. She uses platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Xero to keep on top of meetings, accounts and other tasks that help her day run smoothly.

Although many people would previously not have dreamed about moving abroad and keeping their job just a few short years ago, the transformation of the working world brought on by COVID has made this dream more accessible. In a recent article about Paula by Clear Vision Financial Management, they explain the details of taxation when moving abroad and much more.

Paula is updating us on her new life abroad with frequent LinkedIn posts. The views from her workspace could be a lot worse, and as she said in one of her updates, “it’s not all perfect, but then neither was a bedroom office in the UK”.

Solicitors in Hampshire

Even with an employee thousands of miles away, Bookers and Bolton Solicitors provide quality legal services from conveyancing, wills and probate, family and commercial. Our office is based in Alton, and we have built an excellent reputation for reliability and high standards in Hampshire and the South.

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