More Great Praise for Bookers & Bolton Customer Service


More Great Praise for Bookers & Bolton Customer Service

More Great Praise for Bookers & Bolton Private Client Department

It is wonderful to work in a firm where our clients continually thank us and praise our efforts.  I am delighted to share our most recent email that praises our Private Client team for, yet again, going above and beyond the call of duty when needed to provide the best Customer Service.  Sue and Tegwen were both mentioned and I know that Matthew and Gemma are always pleased to hear praise for them.

This is to thank you for organizing and sending me the certified copy of death certificate.

 Also, when Sue  is back from her holiday, please let her know that I appreciate it very much that on the last day before her holiday when she had probably a lot of work to finish, she took the trouble to look through the file to see if there were any copies left. She and you have been very helpful.

Customer Service is our top priority

Our Customer Service is no accident though.  We do regular reviews and staff training and share our good practice throughout our firm.  We regularly meet in teams to discuss any issues and our customers are the first priority in any changes made to improve our practice – whether it be to save them money or make our service even better.  We welcome all feedback and are constantly striving to improve.  We know you don’t have to be bad to get better!

We always expect high standards

We always expect high standards within our firm and we encourage our customers to demand the same.  We don’t close for lunch, we always have a trained member of staff on reception, we always use qualified lawyers who are well supported by a range of people in different roles and we want to do the best for you – because that is what makes us happy!

Thank you

I would like to say thank you to our wonderful employees and to our kind clients who trust us and thank us for a job well done.  It makes Gideon and I very proud to be part of Bookers & Bolton.

Paula Langley
Practice Manager

Gideon Cristofoli
Senior Partner


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