Child Arrangements at Christmas


Child Arrangements at Christmas

Do you have your Christmas holiday child arrangements in place?

Christmas is a period for celebrating and for most people it is about spending time with family. Still, for separated parents with children, the Christmas holidays can be ruined by arguments over contact and how children should be spending time with each parent over the festive season.

With the Christmas holidays not far away, have you thought about agreeing contact with your ex-partner to see the children at Christmas and New Year?

Holiday Contact Arrangements

During the festive holidays, separated parents quite often wish to vary the existing regular contact arrangements. It is good to discuss your plans early so that if there are any disagreements, these can be smoothed out before the Christmas holidays arrive.

Top Tips to Agree Contact Arrangements

  1. Don’t leave it too late! Discuss matters now with your ex-partner so you do not have time pressures in the run up to Christmas.
  2. Communicate – discuss contact arrangements either directly or in written communication calmly.
  3. Compromise – a key word! Ultimately a parent will want to spend as much time with their children, but with contact arrangements there will be disappointment. Compromise is needed to get arrangements agreed.
  4. Remember to keep the best interest of the child first. You need to put your emotions aside and work out what your children would like to happen.
  5. Decide as parents – don’t put the added pressure of asking the children to choose upon them.

Let us help

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