Charity Sleep Out to Raise Awareness of Youth Homelessness


Charity Sleep Out to Raise Awareness of Youth Homelessness

On 2 December, our Apprentice cIlex, Jenifer Buller, along with other volunteers, are hauling themselves out of their blanket laden beds in their nicely heated houses and onto the damp winter grounds of Fleet High Street. With a sleeping bag in tow, they will be spending the winter’s night on the street in order to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness in Hampshire and Hart. This charity event, organised by Fleet Phoenix, is one of their many admirable pursuits to help those who are lost and afraid.

 This cause is particularly dear to Jenifer and the donations already made by friends, family and co-workers have meant so much.

 In Memory of Sasha Forster 1996-2017

The link above takes you directly to Sasha Forster’s memorial webpage.

She spent many nights sleeping rough due to her health and she is the driving force behind Jenifer’s charitable spirit.

If you would like to make a donation to Fleet Phoenix for this Sleep Out, this can be done via her webpage.