Change to the Probate Process for Solicitors


Change to the Probate Process for Solicitors

While our systems have enabled us to continue working seamlessly on probate matters, government bodies and financial organisations have made changes over the last couple of months to help them cope with employee absences and redeployment.

HM Courts and Tribunal Services have continued with their planned changes to centralise the administration associated with probate application, introducing new forms and procedures for solicitors to use. As part of this we are now authorised to sign paperwork on behalf of our clients to avoid the passing of documents back and forth, and we are adopting the new systems to ensure that we can continue to provide a prompt service and smooth experience.

Some banks and other financial institutions are, however, taking longer to respond. While this is a change to the normal situation, we remain focussed on possible solutions to keep probate applications to reasonable timescales and can often proceed in other ways. Please ask us for further details.

Our cloud-based systems and other processes mean that we are able to work flexibly to take account of the different challenges that executors face when administering an estate. Our experience and knowledge mean that we will have answers to the difficulties you might encounter.

If you are an executor or personal representative in an estate do get in touch to discuss how we can help you, whether it is in the form of initial advice or by administering an estate on your behalf.

Call our Probate Department on 01420 558 290 to see how we can support you through this difficult time.

We are here to help.