Bookers & Bolton Shortlisted for Law Society Award


Bookers & Bolton Shortlisted for Law Society Award

Alton’s Bookers & Bolton shortlisted for prestigious legal awards

Bookers & Bolton has been shortlisted for the Law Society’s prestigious Excellence Awards, the highest accolade for law firms in England and Wales.

Bookers & Bolton has been shortlisted in the Excellence in Technology and Innovation category.

Practice Manager, Paula Langley, said: ‘To see our name alongside Top 100 firms is a real testament to how hard we have worked to be innovative and we are thrilled.  For us, technology is always about improving customer service, not about cutting staff.  We value our people and want them to have the time to value our clients.  Our latest software, that allows conveyancing clients to get automatic key stage updates, log in to a portal using an Ap or the internet, and that shows them where they are in their matter, has been an instant hit.  Clients love the freedom to have a look whenever they like, and it means our team has more time to talk to them personally about the things that matter.’

As Senior Partner, Gideon Cristofoli, is proud of his firm and how it has developed over the 21 years he has been there.  He said: ‘It makes me so proud to see that we have embraced technology whilst not losing our traditional values of excellent lawyers, customer care and the personal touch.  When you can marry the new with the old is when you get true innovation.’

Staff Retention

Bookers & Bolton have also ensured that their innovative working practices provide employees with a good work-life balance, resulting in less time off sick and great staff retention.  Paula Langley said: ‘When you make everything you do at work matter, ensuring that everyone is efficient, supported and valued, you spread the resulting positive atmosphere to the clients.  We also try and go beyond this to be an active part of the community.  We have shared our space this summer by offering the use of our beautiful gardens for free.  We have had Yoga and charity fund raising parties so far and hope that others will take this up when the sun reappears!  We also offer free advice on Tuesdays, send our family lawyer to the CAB and have set up a low-income rate for those struggling with family issues.  We see technology and innovation as a way to improve all levels of our service, speed and quality of life. Watch out in the new year for free business training.’

The Law Society

Law Society president Christina Blacklaws said: “There are more than 9,000 firms and 140,000 solicitors in England and Wales, so to be shortlisted for an Excellence Award is to be recognised as being among the best of the best.

“All the firms and solicitors who are shortlisted should be congratulated for the work they do day-in day-out to support their clients, many of whom are navigating complex and challenging legal problems.

“At a time of immense pressure on the justice system, the incredible work being done by solicitors across the country should be applauded.”

Winners are announced at the Law Society’s Excellence Awards ceremony in London on 17 October.