Bookers & Bolton launch YouTube channel


Bookers & Bolton launch YouTube channel

We are pleased to announce the launch of our YouTube channel.

So what does a firm of Solicitors have to say in film?  We believe that you make better choices when given the information you need about the areas of law we practice.  We want to help guide you through what to expect, how long things take, the stages involved and if it is worth it!  We have already produced a series of written guides but know that sometimes it is easier just to sit back and watch.

We welcome feedback on our films and hope they help you choose us as your law specialists.  We welcome an honest and open approach to law – it should be accessible for all – and we hope our films will make that a reality.

We hope you enjoy it and keep a look out for more films coming soon that will help you get the most out of our law firm.

If you have any legal matters you would like to discuss with one of our qualified experts call today on 01420 82881 or email

If you would like to feedback to us about our films then contact our Practice Manager, Paula Langley, at