A Day in the Life of Sonali Amin: Trainee Solicitor


A Day in the Life of Sonali Amin: Trainee Solicitor

This week (20th-24th March 2023) marks the first-ever National Conveyancing Week in the UK. With that, Bookers & Bolton are giving you an insight into a typical day for each of our conveyancing staff. 

As a trainee solicitor, my days tend to vary as I spend my time between the property and family departments. As I was working in conveyancing prior to my training contract, I know the conveyancing processes extremely well. Prior to my current role, alongside doing the basic admin work you would expect, I was also getting trained on legal concepts. As a trainee, I still do a bit of admin; it’s unavoidable.  However, I now work on more of the legal aspects of the process whilst having the benefit of working under some experienced professionals. I particularly like working on complex transactions as it allows me to conduct research and learn about issues that would not typically arise in most of our day-to-day transactions.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Most days, I come into the office excitedly in the hopes I learn something new, and I do. On a typical day, I start by checking my calendar in readiness for the day ahead. I then check through my emails, prioritising the most important and begin with those. I work my way through my tasks, and on a good day (very rarely), I am left with an empty inbox with all my tasks completed. From compliance checks, updating agents and clients (through our app because we are a super tech-savvy firm) to drafting enquires or producing draft title reports, I do it all. Our case management system is intergraded with InfoTrack, which makes doing some tasks so much easier and an added bonus, it does save time, and as we know, time is very precious when it comes to conveyancing. It means I can spend more time ensuring clients are given an excellent standard of care because moving houses can be stressful. In addition to my day-to-day tasks, I keep an eye out for webinars to enhance my knowledge or understanding. For example, I have recently joined webinars on the implications of the Building Safety Act 2022, which I know has been a topic of discussion lately.

What are the benefits of flexible working?

Most of the conveyancing team work from home, and knowing I work in a firm that is flexible and can accommodate my needs in the future puts me at ease, it’s also big on mental health, and breaks are encouraged during the day. So I make the most of it, ensuring that I take breaks and see some of my co-works in the office for a catch-up which helps me clear my mind, even if only for a few minutes. Throughout the day, I will also be in constant communication with my supervisor Dawn, who is incredible and always on hand to help no matter the time. Not only does she take the time to explain things thoroughly, but she also checks to see whether I am overwhelmed with the workload. The entire conveyancing team is extremely supportive and is making my experience as a trainee solicitor enjoyable (and to throw it out there, I work in an all-female team which is quite empowering itself).