A Day in the Life of Gabriella Rinaldi-Clarke: Conveyancer


A Day in the Life of Gabriella Rinaldi-Clarke: Conveyancer

This week (20th-24th March 2023) marks the first-ever National Conveyancing Week in the UK. With that, Bookers & Bolton are giving you an insight into a typical day for each of our conveyancing staff. 

Conveyancing is a thoroughly rewarding job; however, it requires a lot of concentration, organisation, and attention to detail. Much of the Conveyancing process can now be carried out completely remotely thanks to the digitalisation of the process that has increased in recent years, and Bookers & Bolton Solicitors offer flexible working to their staff, meaning I can work from my home in Wales.

What are the benefits of remote working?

I have worked both remotely and in busy office environments in the past, and I find working from home works a lot better for me as it provides me with the peace required to be able to concentrate with no disturbances or distractions. This means I can work more quickly and get more work done. I can also deliver a higher quality of work as I can organise my day how I think is best and set the appropriate time aside to complete tasks.

This also benefits clients, especially when arranging telephone meetings or answering their questions on the telephone, as there is no background noise during calls, and clients can be confident that our conversations are confidential.

At Bookers & Bolton, we have a great team of support staff who assist with important aspects of the process, such as scanning documents and managing payments. We also have a receptionist and secretary based in our Alton office who can meet clients face to face to help them with the signing or completion of any documents if required. Any paperwork received or sent to our Alton office is processed and scanned into the system the same day, so there is no delay in any remote workers accessing any important documents.

What does a typical day look like?

I usually start my day by checking what meetings I have scheduled for the day and dealing with my emails that have been received overnight. I deal with emails in order of priority; however, I aim to respond to all emails and calls within 24 hours. I also check what completions are scheduled for clients that day and prioritise these to ensure their sale or purchase completes smoothly and as early as possible. I also check what properties are ready to exchange and ensure all parties have been chased to make it happen. I understand that exchange of contracts is an essential step for every seller and buyer as this provides them with certainty and peace of mind as at this point their sale or purchase is legally bound.

During my hour lunch break, I walk my dog, who usually sits beside me quietly while I work or sunbathes in the garden. My dog enjoys working remotely as much as I do!

In the afternoon, I check my task list for the day to ensure I have completed the most important tasks for the day and will take time to chase any lenders or third parties involved in the transaction, which I may be waiting for a response from to progress matters. Taking a proactive approach ensures delays in transactions are minimised as much as possible. After a task is completed or a milestone is reached on a file, I also ensure I update our client’s Perfect Portal, so they can get instant progress updates on their file meaning, they are updated at every step of the way.

Our motto at Bookers & Bolton is ‘Everyone matters and everything we do matters,’ and this is demonstrated in the great service we provide to our clients and reflected in the large number of excellent reviews we receive. It is great to be part of a team where we all work together to help those at the most important times of their lives, making the purchase of their dream home become a reality and taking the stress out of moving.